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"Joining Tide Without Intent"

"JOINING TIDE WITHOUT INTENT" JAMES LAW Neurosurgical Technician May 26, 1939 - December 25, 1986 This plaque is on campus at the University of California, San Francisco. The quote is from a poem by ...

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David Alexander Taylor Memorial Plaque

In Memory of David Alexander Taylor, 1953 -- 2005. David retired as Director of Exhibits after more than 25 years at Pacific Science Center. He led the exhibit development effort that made the Center ...

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SP2E Neptune


  • moffett field
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Porcellino was donated to the University of Waterloo by Professor Henry Crapo, Pure Mathematics. Cast in bronze in 1973 from the original boar in Florence, Italy, he brings good luck to all who give ...

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  • canada
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  • porcellino
  • "henry crapo"
  • bronze

Clone of the original Hovell Tree

Hovell tree marks the exploration by Hamilton Hume and William Hovell. The original tree is/was in Albury some 500KM away. Not sure of the connection with a coal mining museum. Plaque reads: 'A ...

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2009 Bush Fires

Plaque reads: 'The devastating summer of 2009 From the ashes of fire, new life will grow. In memory of all those who lost so much. Monash University - Clayton Campus' Submitted by: @IanThorp

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  • bushfire
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  • australia

Glebe Park

Plaque reads: 'Glebe Park This land once formed part of Portion 58, County of Murray which became the Duntroon Estate. It was granted to Robert Campbell of Sydney in 1825 as compensation for the loss ...

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  • canberra
  • australia
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William CF Almedia

A waterfountain for a bank teller who was shot and killed during a bank robbery. Its very cryptic so I had to do some digging and found the whole ...

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  • robbery
  • murder
  • australia
  • water fountain
  • drinking founta...

Collapse of the Westgate Bridge

The Westgate bridge is the main thoroughfare in to Melbourne CBD from the West. In 1970, whilst still under construction it collapsed killing 35 workers. This plaque and part of the bridge ...

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  • engineering
  • melbourne
  • australia
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CITY OF BERKELEY LANDMARK designated in 1992 NORTHBRAE PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS John Galen Howard, Architect, R.E. Mansell, Landscape Architect, 1907 Berkeley’s Northbrae residential subdivision ...

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  • california
  • northbrae
  • 1907
  • 1992

Colonel Armstrong

COLONEL ARMSTRONG HEIGHT - 308 FEET  DIAMETER - 14.6 FEET  APPROX. AGE 1400 YEARS Submitted by @mad_typist

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  • guerneville
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Giuseppe Spisani, Torre Santa Sabina

November 10th 1917 - Here Giuseppe Spisani, torpedo boat captain, died gloriously for a greater Italy.   Submitted by @schwanmitbrille

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Pacific Science Center ponds notice

This plaque in affixed to one of the arches, overlooking the ponds and fountains. It reads, "Coins thrown into pools become a part of the building endowment fund. Unauthorized removal of coins is a ...

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George Moynihan Memorial Plaque

Attached to the Pacific Science Center arches, this plaque reads: "The Board of Directors of Pacific Science Center Dedicates the Re-Lighting of The Arches in Horor of George P. Moynihan, Executive ...

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Pacific Science Center dedication plaque

This plaque is on the outside of the PACCAR IMAX theatre and it memorizes the transfer of ownership of the Pacific Science Center grounds, following the 1962 World's Fair. It reads: "PACIFIC ...

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United State Science Pavilion dedication plaque

The Pacific Science Center, designed by Minoru Yamasaki with interiors by Charles and Ray Eames, was made for the 1962 World's Fair to showcase US advances in science and space exploration. It ...

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  • john f kennedy

William M. Allen Building Plaque - Pacific Science Center

This plaque can be found outside of Building 1 at the Pacific Science Center. It reads: "William M. Allen Building "Much of the strength of America lies in enlightened corporate leadership ...

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  • pacific science...

A-Bomb Dome

The building now known as the A-bomb Done was designed by Czech architect Jan Letzel.  Completed in April 1915, the Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial Exhibition Hall soon became a beloved Hiroshima ...

    Shirakami-sha Shrine

    Shirakami-sha Shrine   In the old days when the sea-level covered this location, a fire-lit white paper was placed on the reef as a safety marker. The words “paper” and “god” are both ...

      Peace Memorial Park

      Peace Memorial Park   This park was established at this location for reasons given below: 1.     1. This area is close to the hypocenter where a large number of people perished around here. 2.    ...

        Seito Bridge

        Seito Bridge   From this site Seito Bridge once spanned the Seito River, a river created when Terumoto Mori built Hiroshima Castle in 1591. The Buddhist sage Ekei lived in a house near the river.  He ...

          Norman Cousins

          Norman Cousins 1915 – 1990 U.S.A.   WORLD PEACE will not be achieved by drift or default.  The goal must be defined, the approaches must be accepted, the responsibilities must be fixed -Norman ...

            Monument of Prayer

            Monument of Prayer   The Monument of Prayer was completed on August 15, 1960, on the fifteenth anniversary of the end of the war, by the Committee to Carry out a National Festival of Prayers for ...

              Bell of Peace

              Bell of Peace We dedicate this bell As a symbol of Hiroshima Aspiration: Let all nuclear arms and wars be gone, And the nations live in true peace! May it ring to all corners of the eart To meet ...

                Pond of Peace and Flame of Peace

                Pond of Peace   The Fifth Japan Junior Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s member conference held in Hiroshima in the fall of 1956 concluded with the words “Commemorating this even, we shall ...

                  Korean Victim Memorial

                  Monument to Korean Victims and Survivors   At the end of World War II there were about 100,000 Koreans living in Hiroshima as soldiers, civilian employees of the army, mobilized students and ordinary ...

                    Nakajima District

                    Nakajima District (100 to 700 meters from the hypocenter) From the middle of the nineteenth Century to 1945, the Nakajima District (presently the site of Peace Memorial Park) was among the most ...