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Paul Bunyan and Babe

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, with 6 year old for scale. Bemidji, MN. #alwaysreadtheplaque https://t.co/tFGYyVNNQC TweetSubmitted by @gkatz

    Birthplace of Aretha Franklin

    Submitted by @IamVitaPresley

      The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International Rotary International

        Le poete Allemand Friedrich Holderlin

          Palacio de Mineria

            William Armstrong Rifled Muzzle Loading Fortress Gun

            Small plaque at the bottom reads:'Sir William Armstrong Rifled Muzzle loading gun 1867Originally installed at Port GerribrandWilliamstown City Council ...

            • australia
            • victoria
            • weapon
            • gun
            • warfare
            • rifled muzzle l...

            Replica of 1892 Incandescent Gas Lamp

            Plaque reads:'Replica of 1892 Incandescent Gas LampReplica reinstated as part of restoration of historic Nelson Place. Original lamp was one of two improved-style lamps erected in the 1890's. Similar ...

              This Monument Illuminates Life

              Plaque reads:'This monument illuminates life.This monument will be illuminated for two consecutive nights each time a government around the world decides to abolish the death penalty or when a death ...

              • death penalty i...

              San Juan Pablo II

                D. Jesus Langarica

                  Samuel Phelps

                  From the Flickr group Historical Markers, photo by chrisinplymouth, full page.License is Attribution- NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

                    The Edison Institute / The Edison Institute

                    The Edison Institute, founded on this site by Henry Ford and dedicated to Thomas Alva Edison by President Herbert Hoover on October 21, 1929, the fiftieth anniversary of the invention of ...

                    • michigan
                    • michigan histor...

                    In Memory of Leatha Phillips

                      Lewis Coffee House

                      STAR INN - STORNOWAY  Established as an Alternative to the Heavy Drinking of Alcohol in the TownLEWIS COFFEE HOUSE 1884-1911After 27 yeras it Reverted to it's [sic] former role of ...

                      • it's
                      • coffee
                      • alcohol
                      • heavy drinking
                      • reverted

                      Parrot Rifled Naval Cannon

                      This 6.4 inch 100 Pounder Parrot Naval Cannon served on the U.S.S. Sabin during the Civil War. It is the only one from that ship that survives today.  The cannon was cast in 1862 at the West Point ...

                      • sic
                      • parrot
                      • naval canon
                      • civil war
                      • 9790 pounds

                      Shuck Chan / Napa Chinatown

                        First Street Bridge Over Napa Creek and Bypass

                          Veterans Memorial Park

                            Epcot Center

                            Submitted by @CameronYeager

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                            In Memory of Wardell Noel

                            • rasta rangah
                            • planet walk

                            First Street Bridge Over Napa Creek and Oxbow Commons

                              Mision San Francisco de Asis

                                Fort Garry - Fort Edmonton Trail

                                this thoroughfare, also known as the Saskatchewan or Carlton trail, extended 1440 kilometres between Fort Garry and Fort Edmonton and was the principal overland route in the Canadian northwest for ...

                                • saskatchewan
                                • carlton trail
                                • metis
                                • north-west moun...

                                St. Joseph Hospital

                                Submitted by @Ritterton

                                • matthew 5:7
                                • 100th year
                                • bellingham

                                Lombard Street

                                Submitted by @Ritterton

                                • san francisco
                                • 253 steps
                                • crookedest stre...
                                • 1850