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The Coffin of Hentry Trigg

37 High Street, Stevenage SG1 3ARThe Coffin of Henry TriggHigh up in the roof of this buildingrests a coffin which at one timecontained the body ofHENRY TRIGGHis will (1724) specified that his ...

37 High Street, Stevenage SG1 3AR

The Coffin of Henry Trigg

High up in the roof of this building
rests a coffin which at one time
contained the body of

His will (1724) specified that his body
was to be 'decently laid there,
upon a floor in the roof'. 

It is said that Henry Trigg was so afraid of grave robbers and body snatchers that he made it a condition of his will that his coffin be stored in the rafters of his heir's barn. The barn eventually became the Old Castle Inn, then for many years a branch of NatWest bank, and now (March 2019) a dental practice, but the coffin remains in the building. 

Submitted by the Revd Ruth Carroll, vicar of Holy Trinity Stevenage

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