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Ralph Fasanella, "Subway Riders"

Ralph Fasanella
Subway Riders
Oil on canvas
"I'd ride the subway every day, back and forth to my machine shop job. I'd ride and ride and sketch and sketch. I love the subway. It pulls the city together, pulls people together in a magic way."
Ralph Fasanella
This painting was presented to New York's subway riders as a gift from the artist and his wife, Eva, througlh Public Domain, an initiative to place the paintings of Ralph Fasanella in museums and public institutions. Subway Riders is in the collection of the Museum of American Folk Art.
This installation was made possible by:
MTA Arts for Transit
MTA New York City Transit
Capital Program Management Department
Division of Designs and Engineering Services, Structural/Architectural Design Department of Subways
Division of Stations
Division of Infrastructure, Bergen Street. Shop-and Tiffany Place Shop
Transport Workers Union of Greater New York, Local 100
Anschuerz, Christidis & Lauster, Architects
Appelbaumn and Himmelstein
December 15, 1995

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