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McDonnell Douglas F4C "Phantom II" 1963-1979

 Type: Fighter BomberWeight: 58,000 lbs loadedArmament: M61

 Type: Fighter Bomber
Weight: 58,000 lbs loaded
Armament: M61 "Vulcan" Cannon in External Pod Up to 16,000 lbs of externally carried nuclear or conventional bombs, rockets or missiles like the "Sidewinder" and "Sparrow" Air to Air Missiles
Engine: Two General Electric J-79-GE Turbofans, 17,900lb thrust each with afterburner
Max Speed: 1,400 mph
Range: 1,750 miles
Service Ceiling: 59,600 ft
Crew: 2
Number Built: 583

Originally designed as a carrier-based fighter for the U.S. Navy, the "Phantom" proved versatile and rugged during the Vietnam Conflict with the ability to carry twice the bomb load of the Second World War B-17.

The Louisiana Air National Guard flew the F4 from 1979-1985 as part of the US Air Defense Alert system.

This aircraft (SN: 63-7556) is on loan from the United States Air Force Museum. Object ID# 666281

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