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Dare We Dream In Concrete?


Today we plant a seed for a place in the sun and a soft silent breeze, 
a magic place to dream.
Today we plant a seed, surrounded by the giants of the city 
gray, pink and multicolored - I try to find an ant, a worm 
an living thing. 
Today we plant a seed, 
in the distance I hear the chimes of St. Patrick's Church 
as I much my brunch of a homemade ham and cheese 
Today we plant a seed that will bear fruit for future generations, 
for our children's children. 
today we plant a seed for the young and the old from all walks of life 
roll the hoop, roller skate, bounce a ball, read, discuss, make acquaintance. 
Today we plant a seed for all those who are weary, 
strangers from across the seas. 
Today we plant a seed for the butterflies to do their graceful ballet. 
Today we plant a seed, a vision of pristine greenness 
a place of peace against the heavy metal music of traffic 
relentless with a beat, beat, beat. 
Today we plant a seed. 
Dare we dream 
in concrete?

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