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Annie Oakley

Phoebe Ann Mosey, also known as Annie Oakley. was born six miles northeast of here in what was then Woodland. later renamed Willowdell. Born in 1860 she was the sixth daughter born to Jacob and Susan Mosey. After the death of her father, she engaged in shooting wild game to feed the Mosey family. This child prodigy shooter shot match after match until she won a life -changing match in 1881 with champion shooter, Frank Butler. In 1682, Phoebe Ann married Butler in Windsor, Ontario. She chose Annie Oakley as her professional name and went on to dazzle audiences in the Midwest with her phenomenal accuracy. Sioux Chief Sitting Bull was so moved at seeing her amazing skill that in 1884 he adopted her as his daughter, naming her "Little Sure Shot." After joining Buffalo Bill's Wild West in 1885, Annie became the star who thrilled audiences, including royalty and nobility across England and Europe. Retiring from the Wild West in 1901, Annie shot mostly for fun and charity events, donating funds to orphanages and disadvantaged widows. In ill health for several months, Annie died in Greenville at age 66. Submitted by Bryan Arnold @nanowhiskers

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