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The Rededication of the Beaumont Tower Bells

On May 3, 1996, the bells of Beaumont tower rang again after having been silenced by wear and tear since 1987. Spartans everywhere rejoiced. In July 1995, the MSU board of trustees approved a renovation plan for the tower and carillon .

A gift from John W. and Alice B. Beaumont, the tower was dedicated in 1929 when MSU president Peter McPherson‘s grandfather, Melville, was on the Michigan State College governing board. John Beaumont, a Michigan State alumnus, was a professor at the Detroit College of Law in the late 1800’s. John Donaldson was the architect and Lee Lawrie the sculptor of the original tower. 


The restoration project included renovation of the carillon mechanism , replacement of 20 of the 47 bells to match the shape and tonal quality of the originals, the addition of 2 new bells, partial automation of 27 bells, and renovation of the clock, the Westminster chimes, and the tower structure.


With the restoration, the bells of Beaumont again serve at a source of inspiration and unity to the MSU community for generations to come.


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Bryan Arnold


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