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The Delaware Regiment

AUGUST 27, 1776
Responding to the call of the Continental Congress, the Delaware Regiment was organized in January of 1776. In early August of that year they were ordered to march northward to join the Continental army under the command of General Washington. Consisting of eight companies numbering in excess of 500 battle-ready troops, the Delaware Regiment enjoyed the distinction of being one of the largest and best equipped in the Continental service. Upon their arrival in New York they were assigned to Brigadier General (William Alexander) Lord Stirling's Brigade.
In the early morning of August 27, the Delawares were ordered forward to meet British troops under the command of Major General James Grant. Posted on rising ground above Gowanus Road, they held for upwards of four hours "with a firm, determined countenance, in close array...the enemy's artillery playing on them all the time." By 10:00 A.M., the center and left of the American Army had been enveloped and Stirling's regiments were in danger of being surrounded by British troops advancing from their rear. Outnumbered four to and nearly encircled, Stirling ordered the Delaware Regiment to make a fighting retreat. With colors flying they made an orderly withdrawal, and against great odds, crossed Gowanus Creek to safety. Following the battle the Regiment's commander reported two men killed and 25 missing, being captured, killed, or drowned during the crossing.
Noted for its discipline and bravery, the Delaware Regiment continued to serve with distinction throughout the war.

Presented in grateful appreciation by the citizens of the State of Delaware
August 2001

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