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San Vincenzo Train Station

Not In My Back Yard is not a new thing.

Plaque reads: 'Between 1860 and 1880 the Ferrovia Maremmana was built. In 1863 the railway reached Cecina and, in 1864, Orbetello. In these years the Town of Campiglia obtained two stations: one in Venturina  junction towards Piobino, and the other in SAn Vincenzo.

The doors and the windows of the newborn station, as well as the ones of the Mother Church, were built by carpenter Abramo Corti, whose  descendants still live here.

The short distance between the two stations caused an odd stance by some "landowners and inhabitants of San Vincenzo" who wrote a petition to the Prefecture of Pisa in June 20 1864 (Livorno will become the province of these lands later, in the 1920s) stating that '...the steam locomotive stops at the feet of our houses (...) a glimpse of increase in the bustle was perceived in this fact (...) but the Municipality favors, in lieu of the San Vincenzo  Stataion, the Cornia one, where the air is evil, where there is neither lodging nor stables, that can give some shelter from bad weather (...) and all this in spite of San Vincenzo, such a healthy and delightful village...'

First claims for independence from Campiglia that would have come true in 1949'

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