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Cedar Dell Renovation

CEDAR DELL RENOVATION Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects SITE PLAN Burial of Cremated Bodies. Burial of urn, 'green'urn, or no container. Traditional Burial with Collective Memorial No individual headstone. Traditional Graves Along tree allee Collective Memorial Traditional Burial with Specialty Headstone Designed in the historic character. Interment and Memorialization Options Available in Spring 2022 Green Burial Burial space is within the tree grove. Understory ground cover fills in over the burial and memorialization may be added to the collective memorial. Burial of Cremated Bodies Burial is within the tree grove and the understory is allowed to grow over the lot. A symbolic marker may be added at the collective memorial. Traditional Burial with Headstone These lots align with existing geometries and are marked with new headstones designed to reflect the historic nature of the site. Traditional Burial with Collective Memorial Symbolic markers may be added at the collective memorial. With Green-Wood's many available options for services, we encourage you to get in touch with our memorial counselors. Please call the Sales Office at 718-210-3081 от email salesoffice@green-wood.com. Submitted by @lampbane

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