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Buster Posey Presutti

Buster Posey Presutti
Canine Operating Officer
Hotel Nikko San Francisco
Hotel Nikko San Francisco presents this bronze statue of our beloved Canine
Operating Officer, Buster. He invites you to rub his nose to ensure safe travels.
wherever you may ream. He also loves to take selfies with all whose journey starts here.
Buster takes his place among the world's finest destinations featuring statues
that are believed to bestow good fortune upon those who lay hands on them.
Monaco's Hotel de Paris has been offering good luck to gamblers
at the Casino de Monte Carul if they rub the bronze knee of Louis XIV's horse.
Florence, Italy's "Il Porcellino" (little piglet) has been purportedly
granting well wishes since 1634 to those who rub his snout.
And now Buster's nose beckons.
hotel nikko
san francisco

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